Neil Haydon and cell-phone radiation

On 26 November Johnsonville Rotary’s guest speaker (and president), Neil Haydon, enlightened us about “cell-phone radiation”, which is a type of electro-magnetic wave. He illustrated with photos and graphs of the levels of radiation (electro-magnetic waves), from various sources and how to be safer using devices such as mobile phones.

Neil illustrating spikes in radiation

Photo (more applicable to older phones), the electro-magnetic waves cause heating of the head or body (newer phones are designed to emit the waves from the back of phones, so are less dangerous):

Neil’s advice: generally mobile phones are safe, but it is better to use them sparingly. The phones do emit electro-magnetic waves, so close contact with one’s head or body increases the heating effect of the waves; this is especially so if used in a vehicle, which causes the waves to be blocked and they then “bounce about” in the interior of the vehicle, and through human bodies in the vehicle.



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