John Apanowicz

John Apanowicz was inducted as a member of Johnsonville Rotary on 27 February 2017. In the photo, looking on, are his Uncle and Aunt (Bruce and Margaret Niven), and at the lectern is President Vince Adams-Schneider.

John is Margaret and Bruce Niven’s nephew (who both had, till recently, a long association with this club, Bruce as a member and Margaret as his partner). John lives and mainly works from home in Ohariu valley. He is a chartered accountant. His junior schooling was at Johnsonville’s West Park School. He was Johnsonville Rotary’s Outward Bound candidate in the 1990s and gave the club a talk on his experiences then. He is very community minded. He serves on the Ohariu/Makara community board, he also has a role at Te Papa and an art school trust in Wellington. He has helped with the Johnsonville Clean-up & the Makara beach clean-up.

The club members welcomed John: he is our newest member.



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