Alex Moore Defibrillator

On 13 July 2019 Johnsonville Rotary donated $1000 towards a new defibrillator at the Alex Moore Park sports-grounds to replace the one that was stolen.

Grant Stephen, President of the North Wellington Football Club, thankfully accepted the cheque from Johnsonville Rotary President, Pravind Singh.

The $1000 was all that was outstanding after the insurance was paid, and makes it possible to now purchase a replacement without any delay. Lives may now be saved as soon as the new defibrillator is installed.

Johnsonville Rotary Club treasurer Roland van Praag, at left, the man who signed the cheque, was on hand to see president Pravind Singh hand the $1000 to a grateful Grant Stephen, the football club’s president, while Rotary secretary Mike Wotherspoon looks on. Photo: Glenise Dreaver.
Grant Stephens (President of the North Wellington Football Club) thanks Johnsonville Rotary and shakes hands with Johnsonville Rotary President Pravind Singh in thanks for Johnsonville Rotary’s donation which has enabled the purchase of a new defibrillator to replace the stolen one. Greg O’Connor looks on with approval. Greg facilitated the donation.



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