Churton Park Toot 4 Tucker

Tuesday 8th November 2022

Starts at 6pm at top of the hill in Mauldeath Street and finishes at New World Churton Park just after 7pm

Johnsonville Rotary and Johnsonville Volunteer Fire Brigade will be running Toot 4 Tucker collecting food for families and individuals in need. The Fire Truck will lead the way with flashing lights and the siren to alert families on the route that collectors are coming on foot or in tooting vehicles.

There has always been a wonderful response from people on the routes, with a wide variety or non- perishable food items, and cash donated. We trust that Churton Park residents will support the collection to provide support for less fortunate families and individuals experiencing tough times

  • 8th November 2022 Collection Route
  • Starting at  Mauldeath St at 6pm start.
  • Down Mauldeath St and turning left into Amesbury Drive.
  • Continuing down Amesbury Drive  to Westchester Drive ,
  • Turning right into Westchester Drive and continuing to Furlong Cres ,
  • Turning right into Furlong Cres and continuing to Abilene Cres,
  • Turning right into Abilene Cres to Halswater Dr ,
  • Crossing over into Lakewood Ave and finishing at Churton Park New World .

Map courtesy of Google Maps

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