In just over a week we have our New Year BBQ. If you have some time and fancy a bit of a puzzle then you might like to try this just for fun. Its for members and friends but anyone can download it.

The theme is World Cinema.

To do the quiz you will need to click on the link at the bottom of this page and simply download the puzzle with all the clues and print it out so you can fill it in

Most of the clues are quite cryptic but you do not need to be an expert of films and film history to answer them. Also, some clues are just questions

When you have filled in all the answers, then write down and re-arrange the letters that are in the red boxes and find the name of the American actor who won an Oscar playing the part of an alcoholic. An additional clue is they are related to a famous film director.

Please note, the red boxes are only visible in the downloaded .pdf

The winner of the competition is the first person to send me the name of the actor and complete the crossword correctly.

The competition will close at our New Year BBQ at the end of January or before if someone sends me the correct answers beforehand.

Have Fun!


2. The name of the studio in Germany where one of the greatest silent movies of all time about a city was made (10)

4. This vacuous movie is all about an unlucky Greek god (6,8)

7. A film with feathers in Bodega Bay (3,5)

9. He’s the last of his generation and his only friend is a pet cockroach until Eve arrives in this rubbish movie (5)

10. Does this film company know everything or nothing about spies? (3)

11. Walt Disney’s eponymous theme park ride inspired this role for actor Johnny Depp (4,7)

12. Steve McQueen tamed a wild Mustang in this film (7)

15. This is the first name of a famous film raider and also a US state (7)

16. This film ends with a flower shop seller tramping to meet their anonymous benefactor (4,6)

17. Expectations were high for this famous director who also made films about a bridge and travelling to India (5,4)

18. Last name of an actor who got his break in fresh leather and later went on to make my day (8)

21. This actor infuriated the other members of the jury in this courtroom drama film directed by Sidney Lumet (5,5)

24. Famous French comic character created for a series of films in the 1950s and ’60s (5)

26. Meg Ryan arrived here in a state, just in time to meet her future insomniac partner (6)

28. Robert De Niro could not refuse playing him in a sequel. Which actor was offered the part in the original movie (6,6)

30. Harry Houdini gave a famous star of the silent screen this Breaker name, when he fell downstairs at 18 months old (6)

31. The last name of an icelandic singer who sang for a precious owner in a famous NZ film (7)

32. The rise where the rich and famous live in Hollywood is also a girls name(8)

33. Asian country that makes twice as many movies as Hollywood (5)


1. Makes stuff in Wellington with great effect (4)

3. This irrational 2012 film appears to be diametrically related to what happens in a circle (4,2,2)

5. This is the British version of something similar started by Douglas Fairbanks at a private dinner in the USA in 1929. (5)

6. The name of a fiery satirical comedy western made in 1974 (7,7)

7. This film is a famous snoozy film noir (3,3,5)

8. The first name of the thin sidekick to a hardy gentleman (4)

13. At one time this was a movie scene(4)

14. Rex, Hamm, and Slinky were in this film and Randy sang a song about their needy friends (3,5)

19. This mysterious energy existed a long long time ago (3,5)

20. In this dystopian colourful Scifi thriller made in the 70’s a murder investigation by Charlton Heston leads to a shocking discovery about the food (7,5)

22. A Canadian River goes after a Stoney actor (4,6)

23. This film director was born in Palermo, Italy but went on to have a wonderful life in the USA (5,5)

25. This smart park pet is nicked in a series of popular animated films (6)

27. The first name of the friend that accompanied Lorelei on her trip to Paris where they learn that dark hair might be a problem (7)

29. Film about a couple surviving on a deserted island with shields (4,6)

On 14 October 2019 Johnsonville Rotary welcomed Sebastian Grodd from the Life Flight Trust.

Sebastian outlined how the Life Flight Trust was set up and explained the very important role it plays today. The Life Flight Trust has helped over 30,000 people in need of urgent medical attention, saving many of their lives, including Johnsonville Rotarian Geoff Savell, who owns the Johnsonville Medical Centre Pharmacy. Life Flight Trust also operates an air ambulance plane.

Sebastian explains the important work Life Flight Trust undertakes

Johnsonville Rotary donated $8,353.18 to the Life Flight Trust to pay for a new life raft for their Westpac Rescue Helicopter. A new life raft was desperately needed because the rescue helicopter cannot operate without a life raft that complies with rigorous Health and Safety standards and the existing one no longer complied.

Assistant District Governor Adrienne Murray presents the cheque to Sebastian Groudd with Johnsonville Rotary President Pravind Singh looking on

On 23 September 2019 Rotary District 9940 Governor John Mohi was welcomed to Johnsonville Rotary Club by President Pravind Singh.

John was joined by his wife Lane, Assistant Governor Adrienne Murray, and District Secretary Ross Forbister.

John and Adrienne updated he club on the latest initiatives to support Rotary International’s world-wide “End Polio Now” campaign.

Edwin Hermann was our guest speaker at Johnsonville Rotary on 22 July 2019, speaking about himself and running a community music radio station from Grenada Village. The music is mainly from the 1970s-1990s. But is happy to take requests. The station is one of his hobbies.

The radio station is Mix FM, broadcasting for 24 hours all days of the week in FM on the frequency 87.9 MHz to Grenada Village, Paparangi, Newlands, Churton Park and Johnsonville, and online via the Mix FM website:

How Edwin got to do this is itself a fascinating story. He is from Switzerland originally, is married and has 2 young daughters, who speak both English and French (reflecting his own Swiss background). He works at Victoria University Wellington in the IT department. He volunteers in disability support on the campus (e.g. by driving students with disabilities between places on the campus). His other activity is as a bell-ringer at the Wellington Cathedral.

How did this all begin? As a teenager in the 1990s Edwin was interested in electronics and made a buzzer for his bedroom and an electronic keypad to be used to get in. He also bought a transmitter from an electrics store, which could transmit to about 3 houses away from his home. When he went to university his interest continued and he transmitted from his university residence room.

He started with music from his own 100 or so albums and other radio albums. He now runs the station from his garage, it takes up a small space, and has a transmitter on the roof (which uses 1 Watt of power). This hobby costs him around $300 a year and he does not earn from the station.

On 13 July 2019 Johnsonville Rotary donated $1000 towards a new defibrillator at the Alex Moore Park sports-grounds to replace the one that was stolen.

Grant Stephen, President of the North Wellington Football Club, thankfully accepted the cheque from Johnsonville Rotary President, Pravind Singh.

The $1000 was all that was outstanding after the insurance was paid, and makes it possible to now purchase a replacement without any delay. Lives may now be saved as soon as the new defibrillator is installed.

Johnsonville Rotary Club treasurer Roland van Praag, at left, the man who signed the cheque, was on hand to see president Pravind Singh hand the $1000 to a grateful Grant Stephen, the football club’s president, while Rotary secretary Mike Wotherspoon looks on. Photo: Glenise Dreaver.
Grant Stephens (President of the North Wellington Football Club) thanks Johnsonville Rotary and shakes hands with Johnsonville Rotary President Pravind Singh in thanks for Johnsonville Rotary’s donation which has enabled the purchase of a new defibrillator to replace the stolen one. Greg O’Connor looks on with approval. Greg facilitated the donation.

On 24 June 2019, Rotary Johnsonville had its changeover of presidents. Neil Haydon handed over the presidency to Pravind Singh.

Above Assistant Governor of Rotary District 9940, Adrienne Murray, outgoing Johnsonville Rotary President Neil Haydon, and incoming President Pravind Singh share a lighter moment.

Outgoing president Neil awarded the president’s award to Michael Hodgen for his support and contribution to Johnsonville Rotary during Neil’s presidency.

On 10 June 2019 Caitlin Weich thanked Johnsonville Rotary for sponsoring her to attend “Outward Bound”. She loved the challenges and how she “grew” from the experiences and gained confidence on overcoming the challenges. Team work helped overcome challenges on the mountain climb especially.